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Cyclocross (CX) Racing involve multiple laps of a short, non technical, mixed terrain circuit. Racing will be the “mini – enduro” format with who ever completes the most laps in 45 minutes being declared the winner. Where CX differs from traditional Cross Country Racing is the addition of barriers, run ups and other sections of track where participants need to dismount and run with their bikes.


All types of bike (and rider) are welcome to get involved, and get rad! (as long as they have 2 working brakes, and bar plugs in the handlebars)


Entries will move to online only this season.
A link to the entry portal will be available here soon.
Follow the ‘book now’ link when available on this page.
No entries will be accepted on the day.

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  1. AntonioSax 29/12/2021 at 4:55 am - Reply

    We are taking COVID-19 restrictions seriously. ABOUT Venue: Dominic College Cyclocross sometimes known as CX is a mix between road roading and cross country mountain biking. It started as winter road racing in Northern Europe many decades ago.

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