Important COVID-19 Information – 20 August 20

To help the HWDD comply with its obligations in relation to its COVID-19 safety plan we will need everyone’s help and cooperation. The key focus is on protecting participants and volunteers and this requires significant changes to the way we have done things previously.

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Hobart Wheeler Dirt Devils

COVID-19 Safety Plan

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  • We are operating under a ‘Get In, Race, Get Out’ approach.
    • This means not arriving more than 60 mins before the commencement of the event and leaving no later than 30 minutes after racing has concluded.
  • Please practice physical distancing (stay 1.5m apart) and good hand hygiene (there will be lots of hand sanitiser) before and after your race.
  • You must not attend if in the last 14 days you have been unwell (cough, sore throat, fever or shortness of breath) even if mild or had close contact with a known or suspected case of COVID-19.
  • Anyone showing symptoms of COVID-19 during the event will be required to leave immediately.
  • No congregating at the finish line.
  • No hugging, handshaking or high fiving.
  • Limit sharing equipment, this means being self sufficient with the equipment you need on the day.
  • Please do not touch other people’s equipment or put on their number, unless they are from the same household as you.
  • We will have a process for removing plastic numbers and transponders but we will not be able to provide cable cutters for shared use, so if you want to shorten your cables, consider bringing your own. (Not required for all events)
  • You must bring all food and drink that you will need and avoid filling water bottles at taps.
  • Please limit bringing spectators.

Other changes:

  • There will be no presentations at the event.  More information below.
  • No organised end of activity meal or other social activity.

Anyone considered by race organisers to be ignoring the requirements will be required to leave. Not following our plan may jeopardise future races for everyone.

We recommend reading the additional information from the links to external resources and download and use the Government COVIDSafe app.

All Club events/races will require online registration.

This will be using Entry Boss (Road, Track & CX) or MTBA Member Online Services (XC, DH & GE). 

A link will be provided from follow the “Book Now” link through the event page on this website.  

Entries will close several days before racing to allow organisers time to send competitors pre event information.

Registration on that day of the event/race

Registration will open at set time, to be advised of the event page.

The registration area will have directions on entry and exit and distancing, please follow these directions and use the sanitiser provided on entry and leaving the area.

Important information for Track Training/Racing at New Town

You will also be required to register through Entry Boss, but operate in different way given that it is regular training.

Information on that will be provided before the season starts.

A key change is that there will not be the normal race briefing on the start line, instead the key information will be sent by email to competitors prior to the event.

A short, socially distanced, final race briefing may be contacted at the event by the Race Director.

There will be a designated area to return race numbers and transponders (when used).

The area will have directions on entry and exit and distancing, please follow these directions.

Given social distancing requirements presentations will not be held.

Results will be available on the Club website at the bottom of the event page.

Some presentations may be conducted virtually if this is arranged you will receive information in the email you receive pre-event with links.