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Hello Mark,

We are thrilled by the many questions and encouraging feedback received from the cycling community in response to our June “Transition to AusCycling” Member Update.  As promised here is the next update with the latest information.

Transition to AusCycling
There are a number of collaborative working groups and cross-discipline teams continuing to work on transition tasks towards a start date of 1st October 2020.

These working groups are progressing activities to:

  • Improve rider development programs,
  •  Develop a Learning Management Systems for coaches / skills instructors and officials,
  • Create an Integrated events system,
  • Develop a coordinated National and State level Events Strategy and Calendar,
  • Strengthen communication strategies to enhance member and club experiences,
  • Work through a one membership database across the whole business, supported by a CRM,
  • Plan and design a debut range of AusCycling merchandise.

Sharing of ideas and resources will mean more riding experiences for you!

There is nothing that you need to do during the transition process, as all members and clubs will automatically be rolled over as foundation members of AusCycling prior to 1st October 2020.

Key Project
All staff are working hard to ensure there is a smooth transition on the first day of operations (Day 1) as AusCycling. The key project right now is to build a new governance and operating framework and model for our AusCycling future that will continue to evolve and develop well beyond 1st October 2020.

We understand the enormity of the task and with your continued support we can achieve our goal of creating a new organisation that delivers the highest quality of outcomes – an organisation that is focused on benefiting members and clubs through:

  • streamlined membership,
  • strong advocacy,
  • sustainable community programs,
  • club resources,
  • development pathways,
  • education and so much more.

We look forward to bringing you AusCycling and keeping you informed – Let’s Ride Together.

Warm regards,

Shane Coppin